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Hyperformance Audio Productions

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Hyperformance Audio Productions


We specialize in clear sound at the volume of your choice!

We are currently the only company in NW Colorado that has an FDA licensed high powered laser show!

Our shows are capable of over 600mw of output. This is over 120 times more powerful than the 4.9mw lasers that are available to the general public and commonly used by DJs.

Our high powered red, green, and multi-colored lasers can be seen in the air as vivid aerial effects, images, text, and more.

Ask about our laser show today, we can custom design shows set to music, custom images, and effects for your event.

FDA Docket # 2008V-0195, Accession # 08A0027-000

Photos below are with our lasers in various shows.

Our RGB Laser creating a twinkling effect in the air.