Software Audio Console Mixing Systems

Hyperformance Audio Productions is changing the world of audio mixing with Software Audio Console software from RML Labs.


SAC changes everything from the way it is done now...


• No need for a snake to go from the stage to the Front of House mixing position.

• No need for expensive mic splitters to send identical signals to multiple outputs.

• No need for extra consoles for monitor mixing.

• No need for racks of EQ, effects, or compressor limiters.

• Everything can be done in the SAC virtual console environment.


Here’s how SAC and Hardware from Hyperformance Audio works -

• You place the SAC system rack backstage and feed all mics into the D/A converters, we sell our systems with the Behringer ADA8000 or Art TubeOpto 8 converters.

• There is no need for snakes to FOH, simply small snakes to the stage, or wireless.

• Now all  inputs and outputs (up to an available 72 each) are in the main system at the stage rack.

• SAC splits those signals to all 24 stereo monitor consoles from any one of 6

tap-off points.

• Now the off-stage monitor mixer can sit at the SAC rig and mix the monitors with no additional hardware.

• You can also split off separate laptops empowering musicians to remotely

control their own monitor mix.

• A simple wireless or single ethernet cable runs to FOH and the main mix is

handled anywhere desired on any PC, laptop, or desktop computer.

• No audio is out at the FOH position... it's a dream way to work.

• Again…no audio hardware, no physical splits, no snakes... just a simple

wireless or ethernet cable run around the stage, and in a package that

you can put in the trunk of a car!

There will simply be no way to duplicate what this represents in hardware at virtually any budget that makes any sense whatsoever.



We build our systems to fit your needs and all of our systems are future expandable to any size, up to the maximum of 72 inputs and outputs.


Systems start out at $5000.00 for a basic 24 In/ 24 Out build with Behringer Preamps, a permanent installation type rack and everything to plug it on, turn it on, and mix away!


Many other options are available:
Touring racks, upgraded Art Preamps, various headphone amps, various screen options and much more depending on your specific needs. Call or email us today for more information! We are your mixing solution of the future… Today!

To Contact us:

Hyperformance Audio Productions

Fruita, CO

Phone: 970-620-1014




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We specialize in clear sound at the volume of your choice!

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We specialize in clear sound at the volume of your choice!

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